Continue Your Exercise Resolution with Planet Fitness + Giveaway

I was provided a year long membership to Planet Fitness in return for this blog post and giveaway. All opinions are, as always, my own. #sponsored #PlanetFitnessMIA

Ok, so we’re one month into 2014….have you kept your resolutions? Everyone goes into the new year with the goal of losing weight. You know how it goes, you eat too much over the holidays, your winter clothes hide that extra lining of chubby around your gut…and you know you only have a few short months to be bathing suit (or at least tank top) ready.

But, by now, about 5 weeks into the new year and you’re already losing the battle to slim down. It’s inevitable. Sticking to a diet and exercise routine is hard. (At least for me anyways…) In the end, good TV, chips, and my comfy couch always win!

What are your excuses? I’m sure I have the same ones as you!

  • The gym is too expensive.
  • People will stare at me.
  • I don’t know what I’m doing.
  • I’m too busy.
  • I don’t have time.
  • I need to lose weight before I go to the gym.
  • I don’t like to work out.

See how easy that was for me to rattle off? It’s because I say the same things. I did add that last one on…I really don’t like it.

Have you tried Planet Fitness? They pride themselves in being a “judgement free zone.” So no one will be watching you and taking mental notes that your workout clothes aren’t “cute enough” and your body isn’t toned enough.

Planet Fitness 2

Not to mention Planet Fitness is CHEAP! I mean REALLY CHEAP! Like $10 a month cheap. Yeah, I knew that would get your attention. And to be a PF Black Card member, it’s only $20 a month. Seriously? So instead of eating out 1 day a week, you can afford a WHOLE MONTH of working out!

Planet Fitness is the fastest-growing full size health club franchise. It’s no wonder since it has really low prices in combination with the friendly and hassle-free environment. They promote their top-notch facilities with an atmosphere that focuses on the needs of occasional or first-time gym users rather than those hard-core fanatics. Making you feel better?

Think you have no time? Planet Fitness has a 30 Minute Workout room. Oh yeah, 30 minutes…and you will feel sore all over! (the good kind of sore) It’s a complete circuit training in just 30 minutes. You can workout, shower, and change during your lunch break. Cool, huh? I like that idea the most…no need to spending your day or night at the gym.

Planet Fitness 1

If you’re anything like me, you need someone to push you to workout. If I’m left to my own devices, I’ll spend 30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical machine and then head home. At Planet Fitness you can get unlimited fitness training included with your membership. That means someone there to make sure you’re doing the appropriate movements. At other gyms, this is a separate charge. SCORE one more for Planet Fitness!

Ready to join? Well, I have a complimentary BLACK CARD membership to share with you! Enter the giveaway and you can soon be on your way to a more fit you!

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So now give me an excuse!

Let’s all make a goal to be a size 4 by June! (yeah right…) Then at least let’s make a goal to be the fittest you you can be!

Planet Fitness 3

I was provided a year long membership to Planet Fitness in return for this blog post and giveaway. All opinions are, as always, my own. #sponsored #PlanetFitnessMIA


  1. Stephanie Ann says

    definitely not having enough energy!

    • Alexis Prieto says

      Energy would be a great thing to have!

  2. says

    Finding a non judgmental place to workout is what deters me from going to the gym. PF sounds like a great place for those just beginning the journey to fit.

    • Alexis Prieto says

      It really feels like a non-judgemental place to work out. Such a refreshing feel!

  3. Calli says

    Working out in front of other people stops me from going to a gym, I like how planet fitness tries to alleviates those fears with the no “lunks” policy and welcoming attitude.

    • Alexis Prieto says

      I feel self conscious when I work out too!

  4. says

    I just don’t have the extra cash t spend on a gym membership. This would help me get back on track after having my son.

    • Alexis Prieto says

      Gym memberships are so pricy! At Planet Fitness, it’s REALLY affordable!

  5. says

    I work 60 hours a week. It is hard to find the time to workout. There is a Planet Fitness near my workplace and the 30 minute Planet fitness circuit workout is definitely something I can commit to doing.

    • Alexis Prieto says

      I agree! The 30 minute circuit workout is great!

  6. says

    Lack of motivation. I think if I had friends working out with me I would do it more.

    • Alexis Prieto says

      I’m definitely one of those people that needs to be yelled at (ahem, motivated) to work out!

  7. says

    Working 3 part time jobs and being a single mom to a 1 year old is a lot to do. I think I would benefit from this because I could squeeze in a quick 30 min workout!

    • Alexis Prieto says

      Wow! YOU’RE an exhausted mom! I agree that 30mins could be doable!

  8. says

    I’m not a morning person so it is hard to get up at the crack of dawn to workout. I work all day so working out after work is tough too. I know those are just excuses and that people do more with less time than me.

    • Alexis Prieto says

      Hopefully if you win, you can find time!

  9. says

    I have only stepped in a gym a couple of times. It was quite daunting because everyone seemed to know what they were doing and i was standing around completely scared by all of it.

    • Alexis Prieto says

      At Planet Fitness, there are trainers available to you all the time!

  10. says

    I’m just TOO busy. On any given day I have 645291 things to do and going to the gym is low on the list. I have to change that mindset. I hope I win this giveaway!

    • Alexis Prieto says

      As a fellow “exhausted” woman, I concur! Good luck!

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